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"Lit Fuse  is a shocking wake-up call demonstrating that ten years after 9-11 the United States is more susceptible than ever to attacks by home-grown terrorists anxiously engaged in proving themselves relevant following the killing of Osama bin Laden”, says retired FBI agent/SWAT team operative Mike McPheters, author of Agent Bishop (Aug. 2009) and Cartels & Combinations (Oct. 2010). “This is about suicide bombers attacking Americans on American soil.”

Two children of Pakistani immigrants, Delisha and Lufti Ahmed, have been conditioned by Al Qaeda to despise America as an infidel nation. They, along with five other sibling pairs, have been raised as potential suicide bombers with targets to major US cities in hopes to be exalted into Allah's presence in the hereafter. Everything changes when they encounter two young Mormon missionaries.
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“Mike, thank you for being willing to take a stand. Please keep getting your message out.”
Christopher N. Herrod, Utah House of Representatives

In the words of Cody Clark, Provo Daily Herald (Provo, Utah), “Like a Mormon Tom Clancy, the Agent Bishop author weaves an exciting story that gathers a disturbing sense of authenticity from the reams of behind-the-scenes knowledge.”

This book grabbed me from page one! It follows a plausible scenario of suicide bombers in America--heaven forbid. They travel into the country undetected via elaborate planning and by utilizing the secret networks of the Mexican drug cartels. Ultimately, the author convincingly portrays what would happen should one of the bombers have second thoughts. Since Mike is a former-FBI agent, he has insights unique to any other author. I felt like I was in the middle of the investigations, the interrogations and the chase. Mike is getting better with each book--this is a book I'll eagerly recommend to those seeking a thrill-ride with a healthy dose of inspiration!
-Liz Carlston

 "Fantastic! Could not put it down. Amazing! I can't even think of the words that describe this book. Brilliant reading!" ---Flo Slease, Ireland

Up till now I've regarded the 9-11 disaster as a one-time event. The mission wasn't completed due poor judgment regarding American patriotism and not enough money or intelligence to be a real threat in the future. That's before I read Lit Fuse. Now, I think I'm the one lacking education and intelligence regarding the power of the Hitler-like tactics of training young minds to hate & kill for the glory of their leader or god.. Lit Fuse could happen. Its reality really hits home. The "edge" the al-Qaeda thinks it has is that we may now think their plans have gone up in smoke and won't expect another hit any time soon. Our edge is people like Mike, attached to departments like the FBI, who work tirelessly to keep this country the way our forefathers intended. They left no stone unturned. They left nothing to chance. God bless you Mike and everyone like you on "our" side of the coin.
-- Vera DeWeerdt, Mesa, AZ

"Just finished. Good story. I see lots of experience between the lines."  Steven Bash

"Loved the book and the other two in the series. Fun meeting you at Costco."  Bonnie Evans

"I just finished your book, Lit Fuse, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  Once again, I loved reading your book!
Devon James White, Ivans, Utah

"I loved the article about Lit Fuse. It said everything I would have said if I was better with words. Again, I loved the book. It held my attention to the end. Thanks for writing it."
Maggi Crowell

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